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Gazzetta Tv


A leader in editorial daily printed newspapers in Italy and Spain, RCS group is adding a new
digital terrestrial channel with the intent of positioning Gazzetta in the new digital technologies age.

This new sports channel will transform sports journalism in Italy and the rest of the world by combining printed news with online and television news, which will all interact in order to offer
a higher quality of service to please all sports aficionados.

The concept for Gazzetta’s new channel brand consists
of bringing the printed pages to life of Europe’s oldest sports paper.

The pink pages have been retained as a homage to Gazzetta’s brand,
which was adopted from the very beginning in 1899.

Branding by:
Creative Director: Simona Ercolani @ Stand by me
Art Direction, Concept, Design, Animations: Paolo Colagrossi
3d Animation: Federica Sismondo

CLIENT: RCS Media Group – GazzettaTV
Head of Content and Communication: Francesco Carione
Channel Manager: Marcello Molfino

Sound Design: Carlos Zarattini